!!!! SPOILERS !!!!

You've been warned.

As with any Tolkien work, he goes in depth with detail. The images that it invoked with the paragraphs and paragraphs of a setting could lead one to skip a bit just to find that for the past pages were about the same location.

But in all honesty, we read these books to see how far away the movies swayed. Well in all honesty, the 3rd movie should have been shorter. They should have followed the books in ending "The Two Towers".

In the book "The Two Towers" we have the ending at where Frodo is stung by the giant spider, and later captured by the orcs. Sam looks helplessly at the tower at which he must venture to save his dearest friend. This would have been a great ending for the 2nd movie. It, like within the book, would have given the audience that yearning to see the conclusion to this epic tale. Also, it would have shaved 30 mins off from the ridiculously long "The Return of the King" movie.

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