Aug 21, 2021VarshaLibrary rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
"A Tale of Two Cities" is not a mere story of London and Paris. It is a masterpiece Charles Dickens novel, with suspense, thrills, romance, agony, hatred, love and drama, that are always in abundance throughout the novel. The excellent plot revolves around the family of Doctor Manette, who is "recalled to life" after eighteen long, traumatizing years spent as a prisoner in the infamous French royal prison, the Bastille. Due to the love and devotion of his beautiful daughter Lucie, Doctor Manette gradually gets accustomed to the world around him. He soon learns that the politics in France has swung from one extreme to another over the course of his imprisonment. France, which held him responsible for disrespecting its aristocrats and consequently sent him to the Bastille eighteen years ago, now revels in the joy of beheading all aristocrats at the Guillotine, living at the pinnacle of the French Revolution of 1792. He fears for the prosperity of his daughter's family, when his beloved daughter falls in love with and marries Charles Darnay, the descendant of a French aristocratic family that sent him to prison. His fears are not irrelevant. Soon, Darnay is asked to appear at a highly biased court, which is as good as confirming his death. But Darnay may not be as doomed as he thinks!