Aug 22, 2021VarshaLibrary rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Twelve-year-old Greg Kenton is not only a middle schooler, but also a business person with a competitive and infuriating rival, Maura Shaw. Maura has a cunning knack for copying others' ideas but is smart enough to disguise them with her own ideas. And her smartness is the quality that bothers Greg most of all. One day at school, Greg realizes that students have at least two quarters to spend every single day. Using his knack for money-making, Greg soon starts selling miniature toys at school. Money flows to his pockets like a river. It flows until his school principal, Mrs. Davenport, summons him to her office and puts an end to his toy business. Having gained experience from his previous attempt, Greg knows just the perfect method to make money – selling little comic books. History repeats itself, and he soon comes to know that Maura has copied his idea again. But this time, he is determined to not allow her to get away with it; he is determined to outdo her. What would Greg do? Would he outdo Maura?